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Work-related accidents and illnesses

A work-related accident is considered as such when it hapens:

  • because of the work of an employee or any person working for one or more employers or corporate managers,
  • during the commute to and from the place of work and the main residence of the employee,
  • in the usual place the employee eats their meals.

A work-related illness is the consequence of more or less prolonged exposition to a risk linked to a given profession. It is produced by a succession of exterior events and by progressive action originated by the work conditions.

As a student, you benefit from work-related accident/illness insurance, which covers accidents happening:

  • during the courses given in workshops or labs,
  • during internships within a company, on the condition that they show up in your study programme and put into practice the training imparted, and that they sign an internship contract.

In case of an accident, you MUST alert (or have someone alert on your behalf) AgroSup Dijon within 24 hours (either the Inspection des Etudes office or the General Secretariat).

Your doctor must provide the following medical certificates:

  • an initial certificate, written up immediately following the accident, describing the injuries and their consequences (and eventually certificates of prolongation of care or sick leaves),
  • a final certificate, at the end of the period of care, indicating the eventual after-effects of the accident.