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Internship insurance

During an internship, you remain an AgroSup Dijon student engineer. You are under the responsibility of the director of your establishment (who may be penally liable).

Thus, you must have civil liability insurance via an insurance company (such as your student insurance company or "mutuelle", for exemple). During your internship, you work in the company within the framework of a job previously defined in an internship contract. A member of the host company will be chosen as your internship supervisor. In case of an accident due to their negligence, the company as a whole may be liable, or even AgroSup Dijon itself.

As an intern, you retain your student status and continue to be covered by your student social security. However, if your salary during your internship

  • is inferior or equal to 12.5% of the monthly social security allowance:

    • your work-related accident or illness coverage will be covered by AgroSup Dijon
    • the host company is exonerated from paying social security or employer/employee contributions to social security (CSG, CSA...)

  • is higher than 12.5% of the monthly social security allowance:

    • you must have the general social security coverage for work-related accidents and illnesses
    • the social security payments and contributions to social security must be paid by the host company (they are calculated on the difference between the salary and 12.5% of the social security allowance)

If the host company asks you to sign an employment contract (either short-term or long-term), you must get permission from AgroSup Dijon. You will lose your student status and your student social security coverage. In addition, in case of the signing of a work contract, an internship contract wil no longer be needed.

If you have a work-related accident or illness
during your internship, the declaration must be done by:

  • AgroSup Dijon (if the internship salary is inferior or equal to 12.5%). In the case of AgroSup Dijon being closed, the host company must write up an accident declaration and send it to MSA Bourgogne (14, rue Félix Trutat - 21046 Dijon cedex), mentioning AgroSup Dijon as employer.
  • The host company (if the internship salary is higher than 12.5%).

Internships performed abroad:

Before leaving for a foreign country, you must be informed of sanitary conditions in the country and the fees you must pay. Please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website (, as well as that of your health insurance company.

Paid internship within the Euro zone or Switzerland:

Your health expenses are covered according to the social legislation and formalities in place in said country. You shall pay medical expenses and be reimbursed by the social security system of the country in which you are doing your internship.

You must gave the European Health Insurance Card (carte européenne d'assurance maladie, CEAM). It confirms your rights to health insurance in Europe and during a stay in one of the EU member countries.

Unpaid internship in a country outside the European Union:

Only your urgent medical expenses may be covered by your health insurance. The fees shall be paid in the host country and reimbursed once you return to France with the necessary documents to prove said expenses, within the limits of the current French fees.

Paid internship within a foreign company:

You must sign up for social security coverage in the country in which you shall do your internship. Your social security coverage depends on the current legislation in the country, and thus on the reimbursement level which activates your declaration to local social organisations.

Paid internship within a French company:

Your internship shall have the same status as a professional transfer. Your employer must complete the same formalities as for employees sent abroad, and send the relevant documents to your health insurance company.