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Your choice will not be based on the fixed part of the reimbursement, but on the part paid by yourself (the co-payment), and for which these insurance companies offer complementary insurance.

You will recieve your Carte Vitale (French universal health insurance card) after you sign up. Your insurance company will take charge of the social security reimbursement, so you will only have to send the medical papers to your insurance company if you forget your Carte Vitale. Doctors are now fully equipped to scan this magnetic card, which enables the use of electronic medical receipts. The reimbursement will then be transferred directly to your bank account.

As insurance companies, besides the reimbursement of care and pharmacological prescriptions, these organisations (LMDE, SMEREB...), offer several services to cover risks their clients are exposed to:

  • civil liability (please note: it can be either just for courses or for the whole of your activities)
  • internship insurance, personal injury, injuries to third parties
  • sport insurance
  • juridical insurance
  • insurance for internships done abroad
  • injury or death insurance

For your health care, please consult a general practitioner who may refer you to a specialist whenever necessary.

You may also consult:

  • specialists within insurance services (opthalmologists, dentists)
  • the University Medical Service (Service de Médecine Universitaire Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé, SMUPPS), on campus

Please remember to warn the Inspection des Etudes office in case of sick leave, and to send them your sick leave form to justify your absence.

Within the framework of preventative medicine and the promotion of health, medical visits are mandatory for all students. They are organised for students arriving for their first year of study and will take place during the month of October after a personalised notice is sent by AgroSup Dijon's Inspection des Etudes office. It will take place in the offices of the University Medical Service.

All your shots must be up to date. In the case of tetanus booster shots needed upon starting classes, the first shot must be given before the beginning of the university year.

The University Medical Service (SMUPPS) is also open to you. Qualified staff may give first aid as well as generalist and specialist medical care.