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Research and innovation

Looking for innovative solutions to research questions?

AgroSup Dijon works with research teams on questions such as the genetics and ecophysiology of grain legumes or microbial soil ecology (agroecology and agronomy sectors), biotechnology and the production of novel biological molecules or sensorial analysis and consumer behaviour (agri-food sector) or the analysis of company evolution (economy of rural areas sector) etc.

  • Agroecology and agronomy

    • genetics and the ecophysiology of grain legumes
    • microbial soil ecology
    • the relationship beween plants and beneficial microorganisms
    • natural defense mechanisms of plants
    • weed control
    • development of specialised agricultural machinery
    • nutrition of race horses

  • Agri-food

    • biotechnology and the production of novel biological molecules
    • development of new food matrices
    • identification, characterisation and stabilisation of active molecules
    • development of stabilisation processes
    • creation and formulation of new food products
    • nutrition and lipids in food
    • toxicology and packaging
    • sensorial analysis and consumer behaviour

  • Economy of rural spaces

    • evolution of economic and social structures
    • analysis of business evolution
    • study of changing political power and public intervention
    • analysis of the impact of structural changes on the world of agriculture