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Continuing education courses we can offer your colleagues

AgroSup Dijon supports the development of your company by offering you a choice of individually tailored courses.

You wish to raise the skill levels of your management and technicians?

AgroSup Dijon carries out a detailed analysis of your needs and offers you training measures adapted to job requirements

Teaching methods: devising a study plan adapted to your constraints

  • Offer of a personalised teaching plan
  • Development of distance learning
  • Production of educational resources
  • Creation and implementation of teaching tools

Procedural requirements and specific courses offered

  • Recognition of prior learning (VAE, Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience)
  • Recognition of higher education (VES, Validation des Etudes Supérieures)
  • Full- or part-time continuing education courses, leading to qualifications
  • Training modules leading to qualifications

A course can be subsidised through the following channels:

  • Individual education leave (CIF, Congé Individuel de Formation),
  • A company training plan
  • Individual right to education (DIF, Droit Individuel à la Formation)
  • A period of work in a professional environment
  • Specific measures for job seekers (contract signed with a company)


Notre équipe est à votre écoute pour vous orienter ou vous accompagner dans le montage d’un dossier de financement (plan de formation, congé individuel de formation, pôle emploi, compte personnalisé de formation…).


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