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Politique d'accessibilité

Nous tentons d'assurer l'accessibilité des pages sur le site selon les critères internationaux du W3C. Néanmoins, si vous constatez des difficultés de navigation ou d'accès à certains contenus sur le site, envoyez-nous un mél à l'adresse suivante :



On all pages, the logo in the header at the top left links to the homepage.

Several menus permit the exploration of the whole site from each page.
- a vertical menu at the left links to the 7 sections of the site
- a "quick links" menu goes directly to certain pages containing practical information
- a horizontal menu at the top of the page links to general information (News, Agenda, Contact…)
- and finally, a menu at the bottom of the page links to pages contained in the previous menus

When consulting the website, the breadcrumb trail enables you to find your place within the site and to go back to the previous levels.


Several files are in PDF format. This format can be read with free software called Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded at Adobe UK's official website at the following address:


Each image is associated with a text description visible when the cursor hovers over the image or readable when the cursor has focus.