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Brafagri students: Brazil / France Agriculture

French-Brazilian cooperation programme in the fields of agronomy, agri-food and veterinary science

The Brafagri project aims to consolidate existing links between France and Brazil in the teaching and research field of agricultural sciences, to encourage student and teacher exchanges between the two countries and to develop mutual recognition of courses on offer.

The programmes of study cover subjects that deal with agronomy, agri-food, fishing and veterinary sciences. Students participating in the project also enrich their knowledge of their host's culture.

Students participating in the project stay for around 6 months in their host country. At the end of the course they are conferred joint degrees, Brazilian and French. Bursaries are available for those needing financial aid: students must organise this with their institution of origin.

Those wishing to take part in the Brafagri project must fill out the institution's convention, which they can ask for from the Brafagri project leader in their institution of origin.