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What the group gives you

Text transcript of the "What the group gives you" video

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[Caption: What the group gives you]


We'd taken very different paths, and they were very different. And that was very interesting, because for each subject we had a specialist in class, who could answer the professor's questions, talk about their point of view, and each time it was very constructive.

At the same time, the friendships forged here, I would say outside of class, that was also something very important, and our group really stood together, it's true, and we were able to do things as a group that we wouldn't have been able to do if we hadn't gotten along.


We were all starting over, we were going back to school. So that was very difficult for everyone to go back into, in courses on physics, maths...

And so we stood together in solidarity in the evenings when there was a problem, for homework. That was very important, because morale was lifted. One of us could be feeling down. One day we would cheer someone up, and the next, it was another person. We were all there for each other, to say "No, no, we've started: you must make it too."


We all had the same doubts, the same doubts at the same time, in the same situations, and we could talk about it.

So I think it helps. It helps a lot, yes.

There's the group, there's the professors, the professors and the non-professors, but who supported us in constructing our goals.


We learn things through experience and the skills we have learned previously, and we don't have the same way of working. We don't have the same relationships with the professors, etc., and it's important that the group is a group of adults, even though there is sometimes contact with the young ones not in continuing education, that's good, but I think that most of the course must be done within a group of adults.


With the periods of time spent in Nancy or Dijon, well, we used to call each other. We used to say, "Could you bring me back this document?" All that creates links, of help and work. Especially working together. That's important. I would say that these fields, these subjects, we couldn't have done it alone, because if we had done it alone we would have taken too long, used too much energy, and maybe we would have been discouraged.


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