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The employer's reaction

Text transcript of "The employer's reaction" video"

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[Caption: The employer's reaction]


When I started the prep cycle, they said, well, in any case, Jacques, he'll never... well, he'll struggle to... Because I was in a production company, with problems. There was lots of work, too. In the 1990s, we had to restructure a little. But when I showed them that I could, via work of course, but also by adapting... Then, as soon as I got the FONGECIF funding, the company took it quite seriously. It said that in any case, since time off for training was a right and I had the funding, we could refuse but... it must be explained, there must be a reason for refusing Jacques' absence. No, they accepted. They said, well, we'll try. I think they had a "well, we'll try" phase. So, the first year of the course, which lasts 3 years, was, I think, for the company, a way to test me, and I think that after that first year, I had only 2 more years, so after that they gambled on the course.


My employer said at the beginning, when I started to talk about training, he didn't believe in it, really.

He said "Yes, yes, go ahead, go sit the exams," without really... thinking it wouldn't go any further, and well, it worked, and as it went along they got caught up in it, because I made them get involved by asking them for information. They ended up getting involved in the course.


The CETIOM reacted very well, by being clear from the beginning, that me becoming an engineer was a good thing. At the beginning of the course I wasn't sure of getting a job as an engineer.


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