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Returning to work

Text transcript of the "Returning to work" video

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[Caption: Returning to work]


I had absolutely no trouble finding a job, and moreover, the contact was made a year and a half before the end of the course, and I already had several offers. It was clear that I wanted to offer my thesis to a company that would be able to employ me afterwards. Because for me it was essential to change companies.


I did my dissertation on 11 September. I was hired on the 15th.

So I had no trouble. The problem was that the job was 150 km away from home. But it was a choice at that time, to say to myself "Should I not take it, because it's too far?" While it was a great opportunity, because it was a management-level job right away, or... "Should I take the job or wait to find something better in Dijon?" Well, I chose to leave for Auxerre.


So I used my thesis as a kind of calling card. That is, we can work together for 6 months, and if things go well, we continue. I found 4 companies, and all 4 were ready to employ me at the end of my thesis, so I chose one of the 4 according to what I wanted out of it... according to what I preferred. And for 2 and a half years now I've been working at the bank. Last year I was offered a change of job 3 times. So I think that as far as that goes, there's no more worries.


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