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Plans for your career

Text transcript of the "Plans for your career" video

[2 minutes, 24 seconds]

[Caption: Plans for your career]


There was class, just class, and there was also all the construction, we could say the stuff engineering is made of, that happened outside of class, with people who were a little more specialised, who listened to us, to really build plans for your career.
Because what I was looking for... I went to ENESAD (AgroSup Dijon) seeking a course leading to a degree, but without really knowing how, or what my future would be.

I didn't know at the beginning what I would be in 4 or 5 years, so this exchange, construction, was needed so that I could slowly find a field that interested me.

You find yourself quite clearly, it's [something] when you need to write your thesis. [staturnal?]

It's true that all through the course, every time we needed it, we found, in the faculty, people who were available.


Especially the professors in charge of your thesis, and of the... which are, by their very nature, the professors with which we test our ability to analyse.


When I went to suggest the subject of my thesis to different employers, in particular to a bank, it was to offer, in relation to a problem on the field, to be able to offer an original method of approaching it that linked together different fields, skills, and a scientific method, with sociological and mathematical parts.

That excited the professor in charge of my thesis, and I couldn't have done that before.

That openness, I didn't have it before.


I was able to do the thesis without stressing out.

It was a very interesting experience because I had studied hernias in crucifers (club-root) within the CETIOM, and after this thesis, I kind of became the go-to guy within the CETIOM on this pathogen, so somehow it's recognised inside the CETIOM, and also outside, because it's a problem outside of France also.


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