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Evaluating oneself

Text transcript of the "Evaluating oneself" video

[2 minutes, 43 seconds]

[Caption: Evaluating oneself]


It's an important professional and personal evaluation, because you... well, I thought a lot all through the course, and after, about what my role was in society, what I wanted it to be, what I wanted to do, etc.


From the moment you decide to go to this school, that everything is clear, that you have mapped out your goals, the time sacrificed, it will come naturally. We are ready to give time to that.

So after, there's a personal construction period. For example constructing your thesis, and finally for me, it was an answer to fundamental questions that I asked myself, personally. I worked on confidence. Well, confidence has nothing to do with agriculture. But in the context in which I was able to apply it, well, somewhere between the confidence between banks and farmers, I was answering personal questions.

So there was a certain self-evaluation.


Before, engineering intrigued me, but at the same time it scared me. That's scary, because you say "Am I good enough?" "Will I be good enough?"


We test the people around us a bit. And what we ask ourselves from a professional point of view, we ask ourselves from a personal point of view. It's necessary. It's a phase that follows, and from a professional point of view, yes, it's a self-evaluation. At some point, you begin to ask questions. Well, I asked myself the question "Am I really able to do this?" I was scared for a while. "Am I really able to do this?" Maybe the fact of being one of several people during the course, we tell ourselves, in the end, yes. We confront ourselves, each other. We make mistakes, we all make mistakes, and yes, I have assets too. They're not the same as the others', but I have them too. It's those assets I need to show. That enables you to become more confident in yourself, and that's what I was looking for at the beginning of the course. It's to be more confident in myself, and that's what I was able to do.


Even if you start the course thinking, well, I'll wait for the diploma at the end, I'll wait for the diploma and I'll start again like it was before, it's not possible. I don't think it's possible, and, well, it wasn't the way I was thinking when I arrived, but it's obviously a complete self-evaluation because I learned new things, I met new people, I had even changed professional fields.


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