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Text transcript of the "Career" video

[2 minutes, 52 seconds]

[Caption: Jean-Denis, agriculture engineer, part-time course]

My career started with a BTA, which I followed up with a BTS.

I then worked in a company, in a farming cooperative for fifteen years, and I got my engineering degree, which enabled me to develop, to integrate, and so to work in a bank as manager of the professional farming clients section.

[Caption: Gaétane, agri-food engineer,  part-time course]

I had an applied biology DUT. I then worked for two years as a lab assistant. Then I did a one-year course. I found a job as a lab technician. I stayed for 9 years. And then I did the course at ENESAD (AgroSup Dijon).

[Caption: Louis-Marie, agriculture engineer, part-time course]

I started as a regional delegate for the company SOPRA, and then I was a technician in an experiment station for sunflower diseases, and during my course at ENESAD (AgroSup Dijon), I became regional development engineer, and once I got my degree, they offered me a the position of farming network manager.

[Caption: Jacques, agri-food engineer,  part-time course]

I did a Bac+2 [two years of superior education after a secondary school diploma], a DUT in the organic food industry option. In 1996 I decided to do an engineering course via continuing education. Now I'm product processes manager.

[Caption: Cécile, agriculture engineer, full-time course]

I passed my secondary school examinations at 17. I went to work in a nursery. I passed a professional horticulture degree. I went to work in Holland, in horticulture. I came back to do a BTS, a professional course in 2 years, still in horticulture. Once out of the BTS, I became a journalist for "Le sol hebdomadaire horticole", which still exists. I did that for 5 years, and ended up becoming the editor. So when I arrived in Burgundy I trained others in horticulture and then entered an engineering course. And since I finished it, I've become director of the ADASEA.

[Caption: Didier, agriculture engineer, full-time course]

My career started with some training in agriculture (a BTA), then a BTS in farming, with the idea that I'd take over the farm, and then before that, well, right after the BTS, I left to work in Africa for 3 years in a cooperative venture. After that, I got a job as a sales engineer in the animal food industry, then I wanted to get out of sales for a bit, and that lead me to the ENESAD (AgroSup Dijon), in a course that would eventually lead me to a job in the same field, animal food, but a job more centred on the make-up of the food, buying, and quality.


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