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An employer's testimony

Text transcript of the "An employer's testimony" video

[1 minute, 44 seconds]

[Caption: Hubert Hébinger, head of the CETIOM (Centre Technique Interprofessional des Oléagineux Métropolitains), East sector]

[Hubert Hébinger]

Training technicians or high-level technicians, is a course which is really quite concentrated on operational aspects. It doesn't necessarily encourage, I would say, thinking. There's autonomy, or being responsible. It's clear ENESAD (AgroSup Dijon)'s course, as I saw it from the other side of the looking-glass, is a lot like that.

For me, an engineer is someone able to provide added value. That is to say, they have a field, a base field. So, it could be data… We work, we do experiments, so have very concrete data, results, results due to testing or a testing network. It could be knowledge gained through reading, exchanges, and a good engineer, for me, is someone who, from these elements, is able to put together something new, something valuable.

I don't expect a course that gives them very specific knowledge in this or that field. That's definitely not what I expect. I expect openness. I feel at ease with people who, I would say, do not have blinkers on.

If I found myself in that situation, or leave the job, or get another position within the CETIOM, and was asked about my replacement, I do have one person in mind… and it's a person who studied at ENESAD (AgroSup Dijon).


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