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Advice to candidates

Text transcript of the "Advice to candidates" video

[1 minute, 45 seconds]


What I'll say to prospective candidates, then, is to establish priorities as to what they wish for, or how they view their future.

I think it must be understood that it's a course that leads to a diploma and allows for a social dimension. If you think along the same lines, you may join, no problem.


You do a course because you want to change.

So it's this same change that will help us, and by extension, the course.


You must be willing to challenge yourself.

You must... it can be scary, can't it?

But that can be understood, you can understand being scared of... but, eh, that's how life changes. It's wanting to change and learn new things, and not always staying in the same context.


I think you mustn't censor yourself beforehand. You must try.


There was a statistic that showed that 80% of interns continued working in their company or elsewhere. That's true, it's even higher than 80%.

In my case, it was a total change. So if you make the choice to change, the course helps this change.


I think it's even more important for women than for men, because we need diplomas to prove our knowledge.


I would tell them not to make the same mistake I did, which is to say, to wait, to let your chances pass you by. Like me, I let my chances pass me by, for a promotion. You must do it right away, because you won't regret it afterwards. It opens so many doors.


To those wondering if you must do it or not, I say, go ahead. It's obvious that you'll come out of it winning.


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