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A real evaluation

Text transcript of the "A real evaluation" video

[2 minutes, 25 seconds]


In my view, there are two reasons for becoming an engineer. There is the intrinsic ability to gain analytical skills, while some can gain them without going through engineering schools. There are people who definitely have this skill. Nevertheless, doing the course, it's what I was saying earlier, you are richer for the contacts you had, professors, analyses they gave us, we do ours, etc.

So I think there are the abilities gained with the course.

That's the first reason to become an engineer, and the second, which I don't necessarily subscribe to, is that in our society, we are still quite based on titles.


I went from a phase in which I was a jobseeker, to a phase in which I offered my services, and that, as far as employers go, I would say roles have been reversed. Which is to say that today it's employers looking for me, it's no longer me looking for them. So, there's that.

So, I was able to go up the social ladder, meaning I got to change jobs.


Even if I had only done the course to get the degree, it didn't only give me the degree.


It's the change in salary.

Between my job as a technician and my job today, my salary has gone up by 50%. So, that's not nothing. So even if there was a certain outlay at the beginning, in financial terms, because not everything was taken into account, or if in terms of time given over to it, after 2 years I can say I have recouped my original investment.


At the beginning of the course, what I hoped for was to be able to change my status.  To no longer be a technician but to have a bit more responsibility, without really knowing what kind of job I wanted, or what to do, but I didn't want a repetitive job. I also hoped to change companies, which did not happen in the end.

What I was looking for at the beginning didn't turn out the same at the end of the course. Maybe because what I had learned during the course enabled me to choose otherwise, actually, at the end of the course.


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