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State engineering degree

IDPE, Ingénieur Diplômé Par l'Etat


This kind of recognition of professional experience, specifically for engineers (IDPE), was created by decree 2001-274 and the 30 March 2001 order, which permit access to a state engineering degree (given by the Ministry of Education) in a given field .

AgroSup Dijon is approved by the state in the "agriculture" and "agri-food" specialties. It is a national process organised every year by the state (the Ministry of Education [J.O. 25 May 2011]).


To apply for it, the candidate must have at least five years of professional experience in engineering, whatever their nationality. The admission fee is 80 euros (subject to changes; fees determined by law).


The admission process can be divided into three stages:

  • The examination of the experience and skills, to approve the candidate's professional level and their skills. It takes place at AgroSup Dijon.
  • The academic defence, where the candidate presents work linked in some way to their usual professional field of expertise. It takes place at AgroSup Dijon.
  • The national jury: the candidate's application is examined by a national jury. This jury gives the state engineering degree after examining the application, defence and thesis interview. The candidate is not present during the jury's deliberations. The national jury may decide to give the IDPE degree (Level I) in the chosen specialty. It may also decide to give a degree it judges to be more in tune with the candidate's field of expertise. The jury may decide to postpone their decision by asking for supplementary information or to interview the candidate.

Every year, the IDPE degree is given to 100 to 130 candidates (all specialties included).


The 2012 session's calendar is as follows:

  • 30 May 2011 - 9 October 2011: Applications sent and received [J.O. 26.05.11]
  • November 2011: Administrative examination of applications.
  • Beginning of December 2011: Candidate is notified of experience and skills interview.
  • January 2012: Candidate's experience and skills interview.
  • February 2012: Results announced. Subject of thesis chosen.
  • September 2012: Thesis sent.
  • October 2012: Academic defence.
  • December 2012: National jury.
  • February 2013: Candidate notified of results.
  • March 2013: Publication in Journal Officiel and diploma given.

Please contact AgroSup Dijon directly at p.nordey(at) if you wish to recieve more precise dates.

Useful documents

The administrative notices and documents may be found
on the Ministry of Higher Education's website,

or via post at the following address:
AgroSup Dijon
Direction des Formations et de la Vie Etudiante - DFVE
Formations d'Ingénieurs par la Formation Continue / IDPE
26, Bd Docteur Petitjean - BP 87999 - 21079 DIJON CEDEX, France
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 77 26 05

Liste des établissements habilités selon la spécialité

Spécialité agronomie

  • Toulouse : INP-ENSAT : M. José RAYNAL – Responsable Formation continue INP/ENSAT – raynal(at) – Tél: 05-34-32-39-72
  • Dijon : AgroSup Dijon : M. Patrice NORDEY Directeur méthodes organisation et qualité : patrice.nordey(at) ; Tel 03 80 77 27 73

Spécialité agroalimentaire

Le candidat peut choisir l’établissement qui l’accompagnera dans sa démarche (champs de recherches, proximité…).

Les candidats peuvent aussi utilement se référer au site du syndicat des ingénieurs diplômés par l'État :




Last updated: 01.06.2011