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Recognition of prior learning

VAE, Validation des acquis de l'expérience


You must have at least three years of work experience, using the skills and capabilities demanded by the field the course covers. The VAE programme covers the engineering, advanced specialised graduate degrees, bachelor's and master's degrees.

The process goes through three key stages:

  • the request and orientation
  • building up the application: the candidate may ask for guidance on this
  • the jury: prior learning is evaluated by a VAE jury on the basis of the application and an interview. To complete the application, the candidate may ask for recognition of prior learning leave, created by the decree number 2002-795 (3 May 2002).
Flowchart of the different stages in the recognition of prior learning application process, text description follows

Text version of the above flowchart image


Note: Steps 1 to 6 - Takes around 8 to 10 months

Step 1

Ask for information in one of the establishments [to the right: You will receive the candidates' guide and the 1st VAE form]

Step 2

Send the 1st VAE form and receive an answer as to its admissibility

Step 3

Orientation interview, approval of the project and of the choice of course [to the left: Reorientation]

VAE form n°2 sent or given to candidate

Step 4

[to the right: Continuing the formalities > Guidance may be asked for]

Step 5

Send in form number 2 and sign up for course [to the left: 3 months before the jury meets]

Step 6

VAE jury (interview based on application) [to the left: refused] [to the right: accepted with no particular conditions] [underneath: accepted, on the following conditions:]

Step 7

The jury suggests training or experience [to the right: Tutoring for candidate]
Send in extra files and sign up again
Second VAE jury [to the left: Refused entry into course] [to the right: Accepted into course]


Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 77 26 01
E-mail: devenir.ingé

Candidates' guide and first VAE form

Download the candidates' guide and first VAE form from the French VaeSupAgri website.