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Careers and jobs for AgroSup Dijon engineers

A diverse range of jobs: some examples

The information gathered below may help those wishing to get into an engineering school to get a better idea of the wide range of jobs open to AgroSup Dijon agronomy or agri-food engineers.

These resources may also be used by students already enrolled in AgroSup Dijon to aid them all through their studies in choosing internships, their specialisations, or their periods of study abroad, and to help them picture themselves as engineers.

Consult the engineering jobs descriptions for the agronomy and agri-food sectors

The job descriptions (référentiel des métiers) on the website of the ministry in charge of agriculture education offer an overview of the fields and jobs available to agronomy, agri-food, forestry, landscaping and veterinary sciences graduates, and describes each in detail.

These descriptions have been created by a network (run by the DGER), of "Career" contact persons in each institution of higher learning. The correspondent for AgroSup Dijon is Sabine Petit (extension 2797).

These descriptions must be considered useful starting points to get to know the skills and knowledge needed of an engineer, and to discover the working environment for each job, though the professional reality of a job is never fixed.

Some typical job descriptions for AgroSup Dijon engineers

The job descriptions may be read in full at the following website:

for agri-food

Research & development engineer
Quality control manager
Production site manager
Product manager
Logistics manager
Marketing manager
Acquisitions manager

The job descriptions may be read in full at the following website:

for agronomy

Technical-commercial engineer
Specialist for a given product
Engineer in charge of product approvals
Specialised consultant
Agro-environment consultant
Waste manager
Watershed coordinator
Agriculture client manager

Other specialised websites

You may also find job descriptions (as well as internships and job offers) on other specialised websites, such as:

...and numerous professional organisations specialised in agriculture and agri-food, or private companies.


For further information, you may contact:
Sabine Petit, Direction des Formations et de la Vie Etudiante
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 77 27 97
E-mail: s.petit(at)