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Distance learning

FOAD (FOrmations À Distance)

AgroSup Dijon - Eduter - CNPR: "Le savoir vert à distance"

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The Eduter Institute, part of AgroSup Dijon, offers distance learning courses permitting candidates to:

  • Get the degree needed to work in agriculture, horticulture or arboriculture.
  • Get a secondary or superior education degree from the Ministry of Agriculture (BEPA, CAPA, Bac Pro, Bac Techno, BTSA).
  • Prepare for the exams needed to get a degree, upon the VAE jury's decision.
  • Choose the courses for a specific need (for example, learning how to manage a farm).
  • Get up-to-date and go over knowledge before going back to school.
  • Prepare for various civil service entrance examinations (for example: agent technique de l'environnement, technicien supérieur de l'ONF).
  • Prepare for the entrance examinations to schools such as ENITA, ENSA, and ENV.

These distance learning courses may be done in several ways:

  • sending of various educational resources
  • group sessions
  • pedagogical supervision by course heads
  • internships in companies
  • etc.

The candidate's previous experience may be taken into account when organising their course.

Further information

Further information, course list, application forms, etc.,
on the AgroSup Dijon - Eduter - CNPR website.



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Préférence-FORMATIONS is the open course and distance learning section of the agriculture schools (Etablissements d'Enseignement et de Formation Agricoles Publics).

It depends on a network of subscribers from all over metropolitan France and the overseas territories to offer personalised courses near the candidates. It takes into account the project, advantages and availability of people or companies.

Further information on the Préférence-FORMATIONS website.

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TutoFOP: la formation des formateurs à la carte

TutoFOP is a national training programme for those working in the French Ministry of Agriculture. It has open and distance learning courses for CFA and CFPPA tutors/coaches to develop their pedagogical and engineering skills.

Further information on the TutoFOP website.