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Professional bachelor's: Tutor in professional environments (Licence Pro. Formateur en milieu professionnel)

Organised jointly by the University of Burgundy and AgroSup Dijon


The course trains students for the following jobs:

  • Tutor specialised in professional learning
  • Technical tutor, or specialised in illiteracy and pre-superior education tutoring
  • Coordinator of open learning or work/study programme courses

Skills targeted

  • Analysing work situations and learning processes
  • Creating diverse learning opportunities
  • Heading work/study programmes and open courses
  • Analysing skills and creating frames of reference


  • Organisation and learning strategies (current pedagogical theory, social cognition, learning theories, learning and multimedia, tutoring methods, etc.)
  • Cognitive practice and occupational didactics (analysis of the work and activity, cognitive practice and symbolic information, learning difficulties)
  • Open and distance learning courses and technology in education
  • Work/study programmes and training
  • Coaching and evaluation of skills
  • Applied educational methods
  • Report
  • Hands-on internship

Three specialisations are offered (75 hours each)

  • Professional learning and occupational didactics
  • Fundamental learning and the fight against illiteracy
  • Open and/or distance learning courses and technology in education (in collaboration with the CNPR)


The course takes a year, starting in October, and lasts 636 hours. It takes place three days a week: on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. It includes an internship of 8 to 12 weeks. It may be completed over several years by going to class one or two days a week. The schedule may be lightened after recognition of prior learning.

Who it is for

The course is aimed not only at those in the field of continuing education, but also in the core cycle. They must, however, have experience or a project in the field of education and training.


Candidates are admitted on the basis of their applications, which may be followed by an interview. The applications must be sent before mid-June. A second admission process is held in September for continuing education.

Introductory brochure

View and/or download the French
introductory brochure in PDF format (121 Kb)


Application form

View and/or download the
French application form in PDF format


Heads of the course

"Core cycle" contact

UFR sciences humaine
Ann CAMPO - secrétariat - bureau 203 - Pôle AAFE
BP 26513 - 21065 DIJON CEDEX, France
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 39 91 03

"Continuing education" contact

Service Universitaire de formation Continue de Bourgogne - SUFCOB
Martine BAILLY - secrétariat - Maison de l'étudiant
BP 27877 - 21078 DIJON CEDEX, France
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 39 51 93
E-mail: fcontinu(at)

Further information

The course on the University of Burgundy's website: