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Professional bachelor's: Maintenance of systems incorporating several technologies (Licence Pro. Maintenance des systèmes pluritechniques)

Specialised in: Technical and economic management of farming equipment


The professional bachelor's in farming equipment aims to answer the demand in jobs different from those most often targeted in courses equivalent to two years of post-secondary education (bac +2), or by engineers. Compared to a person having done two years of post-secondary education, a graduate of the professional bachelor's degree course has a better sense of organisation and a more global approach. They integrate scientific and technical knowledge into a more global project, in the public or private sectors.

This explains the fact that graduates of this course have careers resembling those of engineers. Their training enables them to complete new projects and move higher up the ladder than those with two years of post-secondary education.

The jobs accessible through this course can be broken down into five sectors: agriculture, maintenance/repair, distribution/commercialisation, industrial production and teaching/consulting/communication.

Introductory brochure

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French introductory brochure in PDF format (111 Kb)

Admission form

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Gianni PILLON, supervisor at the University of Burgundy
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 85 42 43 23
E-mail: gianni.pillon(at)

Christelle GEE, course contact at AgroSup
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 77 27 71
E-mail: c.gee(at)

Further information

The course on the University of Burgundy's website: