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Professional bachelor's: Environmental protection (Licence Pro. Protection de l'environnement)

Specialised in: Water and sewage treatment


  • Introductory classes: 120 hours (3 sections of 40 hours each): this part is done at the beginning of the course
  • Core curriculum: 330 hours (lectures, tutorials, practical sessions), subdivided into sections, each corresponding to one of three subjects:

    • land characterisation and development
    • equipment sciences and technologies
    • economy, law and social sciences

  • A tutored project: 150 hours
  • An internship (minimum: 12 weeks), with thesis and its defence

Tutored project and internship

A 150-hour tutored project is done over the course of the first semester.

A 12-week internship is done over the course of the second semester.

The tutored project is an opportunity to learn project management in a hands-on way, and integrate the theory learned in other classes when working on issues out in the field.

Both the tutored project and the internship are opportunities for the students to personalise the course according to their interests. The approach to the internship shall be different according to the student and their past academic career and experience. In some cases, "total immersion" internships in a company may be recommended, and in others an internship where the student can show their skill in scientific analysis.

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