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Professional bachelor's: Agriculture, sustainability, new technologies (Licence Pro. Agriculture, durabilité, nouvelles technologies)


This course is aimed at those having completed a BTS, university graduates and continuing education students (employees or farmers), who wish to acquire the skills necessary in the plant production sector, the environment and information and communication technology as applied to these sectors (professional software applications, GPS, GIS, decision-making help tools).

The course is divided into two parts and lasts 12 months:

One part is theory, with more than 400 hours of lectures and 120 hours for a tutored project. It takes place one or two weeks a month, from September to June, and equals 4 months. A EU harmonisation section (50 hours) may be added according to the student's experience and knowledge.

The other part is practical work, done in the company the student has signed a contract with, and lasts 8 months.

After the course, the graduates may do the following jobs:

  • Technician in consulting or coordination in "agro-environmental" engineering
  • Technician in agricultural studies (including experimentation on plants)
  • Technician in agriculture/environment/land development

    • Tutor or professor in agriculture
    • Farmer (warning: this course does not give you formal title)
    • Head of crops

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