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Master's degree: Environment-Land-Evolution option (Master mention "Environnement-Terre-Evolution")

2nd year – Professional track: Rural space and environment (ERE, Espace Rural et Environnement)


This course (equivalent to five years of post-secondary education, or bac +5), aims to train employees specialised in resource management (soil, water, drainage basins), or in the management of the natural environment. They can study development and rural land management solutions and help those in charge take into account natural resources, farming production and forest needs, as well as the environmental constraints.

The course essentially leads to jobs as consultants/engineers in land agencies and conservatories, as well as project managers in local/territorial collectivities or chambers of agriculture. Recent graduates mostly work in the private sector (45%, of which 25% in land agencies), as well as in chambers of agriculture (13%) and conservatories and associations (12%).


University of Burgundy, France
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 39 39 71
E-mail: philippe.amiotte-suchet(at)

Pierre CURMI

AgroSup - Dijon, France
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 77 25 65
E-mail: p.curmi(at)

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