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Master of equine science and business (MESB, Sciences et management de la filière équine)

MS® MESB AgroSup Dijon


Horseback riding competition

This course takes place in France and the United States, in three separate places: AgroSup Dijon, Haras national du Pin, and the University of Kentucky.

It is a high-level course on the world of horses leading to professional qualifications. It is open to students having completed the core cycle either normally or via continuing education. It enables students to:

  • develop skills in the fields of science and business
  • gain knowledge of horses and the European and American horse sectors
  • develop managerial skills

Possible jobs and professions

  • managerial positions, project manager, products manager, and all high positions in the equine field
  • jobs in companies in the field, equestrian organisations, breed associations, organisations on other equestrian activities and administrative organisations, public establishments, territorial collectivities, subsidiary activities, breeding and training organisations, etc.


MESB candidates must have 5 or more years of post-secondary education in France (engineer, school of commerce, university master's degree, etc.) or abroad. Exceptions may be made for students with different academic careers and professional experience.
MESB candidates must master both French and English.


Candidate selection occurs in two steps:

  • Step 1: Admission based on application. Chosen by selection jury which weighs academic results, professional or internship experience, as well as the candidate's motives for doing the course, in line with their professional plans and academic history.
  • Step 2: If accepted, the candidate is called before a jury for an interview (conducted in French and English) on their professional plan.

Prof. Véronique Julliand, MESB Head
AgroSup Dijon - Département Productions Animales
26, Bd Dr Petitjean, BP 87999, F-21079 DIJON Cedex, France
Ph.: (+33) (0)3 80 77 25 60
E-mail: mesb(at)

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