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Public markets


Formalised procedures:

  • Publication in the Boamp/JOUE
  • Publication in the e-bourgogne online platform

Adapted procedures:

  • Publication in and downloads from the e-bourgogne online platform

Agrosup Dijon - Service achats marchés publics

24 rue des Champs Prévois

BP 87999 Dijon Cedex

21079 DIJON cedex, France

You wish to:

find out about, download and reply to acquisitions with invitations to tender

AgroSup Dijon suggests you consult and reply to its invitations to tender
via the French "Achats de l'Etat" online platform

find out about and download current invitations to tender

find out about and download the list of agreements signed over the past five years

As per Article 133 of the government tending legislation,
AgroSup Dijon provides a list of agreements signed over the following years:

  • 2011 (French PDF file, 111 Kb)
  • 2010 (French PDF file, 113 Kb)
  • 2009 (French PDF file, 118 Kb)
  • 2008 (French PDF file, 43 Kb)
  • 2007 (French PDF file, 40 Kb)

view and/or download the sample forms from the Ministry of the Economy and Finance.

The French Ministry of Finance provides companies with several sample forms.