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AgroSup Dijon Organization chart

Text version, last updated: September 2012

Governing Board

Managing Director: Claude BERNHARD
Assistant Managing Director: Pierre-André MARECHAL
Head of Facilities Services:
Christine LE NOAN
Accounting: Dominique BARRAUD
Marmilhat Site: Vincent BENNET

The School: 4 departments

  • Agronomy, Agricultural Equipment, Animal Husbandry, Environment: Bernard NICOLARDOT
  • Food Sciences - Nutrition: Jean-François CAVIN
  • Human and Social Sciences: Marielle BERRIET-SOLLIEC
  • Engineering and Processing Sciences: Paul MOLIN


  • Courses - Student Life: Nathalie CAYOT
  • State Employee Training: Jacques GUILLOT
  • Science: Pierre-André MARECHAL
  • European and International Relations: Caroline LANCIAUX
  • Public Relations: Christophe TARRAGON
  • "Method, Organization, Quality": Patrice NORDEY
  • Development and Transmission: Patrick GERVAIS
  • Business Relations: Nelly SCHUTZ

Eduter Institute

Jean CHEVALDONNE, director

  • Research: Claire MASSON
  • Engineering: Franck PROVOTS
  • CNPR: Vincent BENNET
  • Signes: Françoise BATIT-CROCY

Board of directors

  • Science Board
  • Teaching and Student Life Board
  • Teachers' Board
  • Site Board
  • Technical Committee
  • Hygiene, Security and Work Conditions Committee


Part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry and of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Last updated September 2013