P2FOOD: Physiological and Psychological Food Determinants P2Food


1st year of master related to food science, physiology, neurobiology, psychology or ethology



Schedule of the formation

Master P2FOOD
Master P2FOOD

How we will prepare

  • P2FOOD master is the only master program that deals with both physiological and psychologica determinants of food choices.
  • Teaching is provided mostly by lecturers and teachers from the Center for taste and feeding behavior (CSGA). P2FOOD program was set up to meet the requirements of international industrial groups, in terms of recruitment.
  • A large part of teaching will be project-based teaching and workshops in a real work context.
  • The international dimension of this master degree is an advantage for the students who will have to deal with the internationalization of work market.




Jobs opportunities 2010-2015

P2FOOD can lead to a doctoral thesis and then to academic position in sensory and cognitive neurosciences research, food, nutrition and health research, food and consumer sciences research.
P2FOOD can also lead to a large range of food-related careers in industry: project leader or research engineer in Nutrition, Consumer Science and R&D departments of international food companies.
Graduates will be able to find positions in and outside Europe.





Dr Gaëlle ARVISENET: gaelle.arvisenet(at)agrosupdijon.fr
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Dr Frédérique DATICHE: frederique.datiche(at)u-bourgogne.fr
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