MP2: Microbiology and Physicochemistry for food and wine Processes


A win-win opportunity to develop food for the future


you are

Interested in innovation and research in food sciences
Student in Master 1 in food science, biology, physical chemistry or in engineering school

you need

To obtain professional skills in food and wine research




Schedule of the formation

Master MP2
Master MP2

How we will prepare you for your professional life

  • You will contribute to a research or development project (150 hours) in collaboration with a company or a research center.
  • You will have the opportunity to perform your training period (6 months) in a national or international research center (UE6)
  • You will develop your skills to adapt and be creative and you will manage research project (UE1)
  • You will be in relation with international teachers - researchers




Jobs opportunities 2010-2015

Master MP2

After my Bachelor of Biology, I integrated the master degree of Food Science of the University ofBurgundy; During the first year, my two months internship, on physical chemistry of dairy drinks, mademe understand that I wanted to continue in the research field. The multidisciplinary approach of thecourses and the internship of 6 months proposed during the second year, allowed me to follow by aPhD. I am now leading researches on iron encapsulation in biopolymergels, topics at the cross section of physical chemistry, chemistry and biochemistry with possibleapplication in food, pharmaceutics and health sciences.

Aline Maire Du Poset,PhD Student, UMR PAM, Team PAPC,AgroSup Dijon

I Integrated the Master degree of Food Science after my Bachelor of Science (Biologie Option). During the first year, I discovered the food industry in gingerbread factory during my first internship on food quality. During the second year, the courses and the internship in a laboratory research in microbiology made me believe that I wanted to work in the field of industrial R&D. The master program and my professional experiences allowed me to follow my PhD. I am now leading researches on encapsulation of probiotic bacteria, a research topic in microbiology and physical chemistry, with possible applications in food and pharmaceutics.

Arnaud Heumann, PhD student,UMR PAM, Team VAlMIS/ PAPC, IUVV/AgroSup Dijon