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P2FOOD: Physiological and Psychological Food Determinants P2Food

P2FOOD aims to train graduates who will be able to deal with the growing challenges in understanding feeding behavior and food consumption. Students will learn basic knowledge on neuronal circuitry and psychological mechanisms linked to food perception, preference, choice, and eating behaviors as well as the research skills necessary to address both practical and research issues.

programme master P2FOOD

Jobs opportunities


P2FOOD can lead to a doctorate degree at the Université de Bourgogne - Franche-Comté or at other universities, and then to academic position in the field of sensory and cognitive neurosciences, as well as food and consumer sciences. P2FOOD can also lead to a large range of food-related careers in industry.



Admission requirements:

- To have completed a “Licence”or bachelor degree in biology, physiology, neurobiology, psychology, ethology or food science

- CV and motivation letter in English

- Motivation and professional project

- Relevance of academic background and quality of the candidate's academic records

- English level: B1 required, B2 recommended


Dr Gaëlle ARVISENET: gaelle.arvisenet(at)
+ 33 + (0)3 80 69 37 17

Dr Frédérique DATICHE: frederique.datiche(at)
+ 33 +(0)3 80 68 16 00